About Mii+

MiiPlus is a FREE service which allow you to add a button to your website. Similar to the Facebook like button, but user is not required to login in order to “like” your page. Everyone can Plus themselves on the page without any registration and login.

Why “MiiPlus” ?
Everyone like SIMPLE nowaday, MiiPlus is simple! If user “Read” an article, he can click the “Mii + Read” button without logging in anything.

What mean by “Mii” ?
Mii is representing Me, Mii+ means adding you to that. Or you can say clicking the button mean you said “Count me in !”

What is the “Button Mode” stand for?
You are able to choose which Type of the button you want to add into your website. We have User, Read, Love and Hate.

For example, if you are a production website, adding the “User” button to your product page, it will allow people to adding himself if he is the User of that product. It’s simple.

Can people adding himself more than 1 time?
We use cookies for tracking the clicks. If he deleted the cookies, then he is allow to click again.